Our Water Solutions Products

Alpine Water Solutions Provides affordable and reliable Water Purification and Water Filtration Solutions to clients based both in Cape Town, (Western Cape) as well as to clients based Nation Wide in South Africa, and clients based through the entire African Content. The Water Purification and Water Filtration products we provide would Guarantee your Business or your Home to have the type of Drinking water that is 100% safe to keep you and your Family, Friends, or Co-Workers Healthy and Hydrated. We believe in providing the best quality water filtration products on the Market, and we are a registered Ampac USA Partner, who’s ultimate goal is to make the world a much healthier place and to accomplish this in the most cost-effective way as possible. Have a look at some of our Brochure’s and the types of Water Filtration and Water Purification Solutions we have to offer you below.

Filter Cartridges & Membranes

We provide High Quality and Affordable membrane filter cartridges, which is composed of the highest-qulity polyethersulfone (PES) and 66 membrane layers with advanced pleated technology

Domestic & Industrial systems

We provide the most advanced and the most cost effective Residential and Industrial water treatment systems which will be able to meet any and all of your water purification, and water separation related requirements.

Water Purification Accessories

Alpine Water Solutions provides a variety of different Accessories, Brackets, Frames, Different Stages of Housing Filters, and Complete House Filtration Systems to clients Based anywhere in Africa.

FRP Pressure Vessels

We provide reliable FRP Pressure Vessels which is perfect for residential and commercial water treatment applications that require flexibility and easy installation.

Filter Control Valves

Alpine Water Solutions Provides High Quality and Cost Effective Water Softener and Filtration Valves which gives you clean, pure and refreshing water every single time.

Water Filtration Media

We offer a wide range of Quality and Affordable water filtration and softening media, in order to pretreat and prepare raw water for the reverse osmosis process.

UV Sterilizers

We provide affordable UV Sterilization Solutions. UV exposure can be very harmful, or harmless, based factors like the type of UV, the type of exposure, the duration, and the individual differences of the UV.

Water Dispensers

Alpine Water Solutions offers a wide range of water coolers which can provide you or your business with an endless supply of fresh drinking water, and help you save a lot of money on a regular basis.

More Products

Alpine Water Solutions also have a variety of other Water Purification and Water Filtration related products that we will be able to provide to you at a better, and more cost effective price.

Reverse Osmosis

Learn more about the Reverse Osmosis Process, and find out which option would be best to use in Your home or business environment.

Forward Osmosis

Learn more about the Forward Osmosis Process, and find out which option would be best to use in Your home or business environment.